Sunday, May 14, 2017

#100happydays4ktc complete!

First off, happy Mother's Day! It was unplanned but quite fitting for a mama's boy like me that my #100happydays4ktc challenge ends today. I'm stoked to have completed it without cheating :)

Reasons for doing the challenge:
1. I wanted to try to love myself more and be happier. 
2. I wanted the 10x10 grid with all the pics for my wall. 
3. I'm an attention seeking person.

Things I've learned from the challenge
1. I had to actively seek things that would make me happy on a regular basis even if I was doing my normal routine.
2. It makes you plan ahead with people and do more fun activities with people you like. 
3. People (family + friends), food, music, and sports make me happy. 
4. It's definitely made me more expressive and energetic. 
5. Even if you have a bad day you're forced to remind yourself about things that make you happy. This has raised my baseline level of happiness. 
6. You get a sense for who actually likes you. 

Overall, I'm thrilled that I completed this challenge. I posted more on ig than I would have liked. Everyone had enough ktc for 100 days including ktc. 

If anyone is considering doing the challenge my suggestion is do it, but do it for yourself.

Check out my 100 happy days challenge at #100happydays4ktc. My ig is kenthecow and I like having it private cuz a good looking dude like me gets tons of creepers. Jk. Back to your regular scheduled programming. 

Happy Mother's Day! 
ktc 🐮


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